Nova Bluetooth flash for iPhone now available


June 11, 2014

Nova provides more lighting options than the iPhone's built-in flash

Nova provides more lighting options than the iPhone's built-in flash

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Last September, we first heard about Nova – a wireless external flash designed for use with the iPhone. At the time, its creators were raising production funds on Kickstarter. As of today, however, it's available for purchase.

Nova incorporates 40 points of light behind a diffusing filter, as opposed to the iPhone's single-point undiffused flash. Perhaps more importantly, the Nova can be moved around to provide more flattering or artistic lighting than would be possible with a flash that's permanently located beside the camera lens.

The device is paired with the phone by Bluetooth, and can be stored in the credit card slot of a wallet when not in use. Using the free Nova app, users can set the flash to one of three color temperature-adjusted light settings: Soft, Warm, and Brilliant.

Nova is available via the link below, for US$60.

Source: BiteMyApple

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