Nomad promises a great cup of joe, on the go


March 22, 2013

Nomad promises a great espresso, wherever you are – just add some hot water and ground coffee

Nomad promises a great espresso, wherever you are – just add some hot water and ground coffee

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It can be a challenge to procure a really great cup of coffee when you’re away from home, especially if you like to disappear off-grid on occasion. However, the Nomad by UniTerra promises a portable and compact espresso machine that will provide great coffee, wherever you are.

We’ve already covered plenty of portable coffee makers here at Gizmag, with the Java Commuter Press, and mypressi TWIST springing to mind as appealing options – so what sets Nomad apart from the rest? Well, in addition to an appealing compact design, the diminutive coffee machine sports that all-important classic pump lever which many aficionados of the black stuff reckon to be essential for a good brew.

The lever is coupled with a (removable) proprietary "True Crema Valve," and this combination is said to allow an unskilled barista to pour an excellent cup of espresso, even with lower-quality ground coffee.

In order to make an espresso, you'll first need to provide Nomad with hot water and ground coffee, though no power is required by the unit itself. UniTerra states that the lever action can produce up to 10 bars of pressure (145 psi). The coffee machine measures roughly 15 x 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 x 6 inches), with a weight of 1.1 kg (or 2.5 pounds), and there’s a maximum water capacity of 300 cc (10 oz.).

At present, Nomad is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign which ends on April 10. A minimum pledge of US$165 is required to snag an early black unit, though additional colors are also available from $215.

The promo video below features the obligatory pitch.

Source: UniTerra, Kickstarter

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I love the concept but the design looks bulky and looks like it has too much plastic on the inside with the hot water.

It looks like it needs a more portable version that can be taken apart or transform (robots in disguise) into something more space efficient.

That being said I would love to play with it someday.

Ben O'Brien

I hope the guy narrrating the video has not been using espresso from his own product.

Rex Martin

If you want a REAL espresso cup from a portable device, get yoursel this: and maybe the smallest camping stove you can find, if you really want to be indipendet from other sources. This Nomad is an interesting piece of design, but the italian moka is the only way to get a real homemade espresso where the boiling water takes the flavours out of the grond beans into the upper cup... In the Nomad you have to boil water first (in a separate pot/kettle) then pour it inside a (probably) "cold" device where it will be pumped into the coffee powder: water will be well below it's boiling point... BTW, it's funny the "green" attribute: you still need some sort of energy to boil the water, don't you?

Giolli Joker

Perhaps you guys need to look at the so called "South India Coffee decoction" utensil used by millions of south Indian households of avid coffee drinkers. It too required only ground coffee and boiling hot water to genuinely make finest cup of espresso bar none.

BTW a personal sized one costs a mere US$ 1.50

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