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Nokia invites community to phone design party


March 22, 2010

Nokia is asking the community to vote on their idea of the perfect smartphone

Nokia is asking the community to vote on their idea of the perfect smartphone

Not happy with the design of your mobile phone? Nokia is looking for feedback from phone savvy consumers with its "Design by Community" smartphone project. Over seven weeks visitors to the company’s official blog, Nokia Conversations, will be asked to make a series of choices on the specs of their ideal smartphone. Once the results have been tallied Nokia’s design team will then come up with a series of concept sketches which will go to a public vote.

The first list of features and functions up for consideration relate to Display and User Interface. Users can mix and match their preferred features using a simple slider for each of five display and user interface options: screen size, screen type, keypad, secondary buttons and screen ratio. Upcoming weeks will be devoted to Size and Shape, Materials, Operating System, Connectivity, Camera and finally, Enhancements.

But users must choose carefully as simply opting for the maximum bells and whistles will result in a list of features the site will deem as “too way out there”. Conversely, treading too carefully will result in features that are “not ambitious enough”. Get the balance right and you’ll receive a “Perfect mix” of features that can be submitted and count towards the tally of specs that will be displayed on a Data Sheet each week.

Along with the tally of votes, each week the site will provide interviews with Nokia designers, opinions from key bloggers and some insight into what goes into creating a product from scratch.

Nokia says the goal of the smartphone by committee isn’t to actually produce the winning concept, but is simply an “exercise in collaboration sprinkled with some future thinking” that will result in the creation of a concept smartphone. Of course, as market research it probably has some benefits too.

If you want to cast your vote for your ideal features and functions get along to the Nokia Conversations blog.

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