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Nissan adds new tent to outdoor accessory range


November 22, 2007

Nissan adds new tent to outdoor accessory range

Nissan adds new tent to outdoor accessory range

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November 23, 2007 Nissan has released a second dedicated tent designed to fit onto the rear of any Pathfinder, Murano, new X-TRAIL or QASHQAI. The tent attaches onto the rear of the vehicle with the use of adjustable straps and an elasticated sleeve, which fits over the complete rear-end of the vehicle and provides enough room for the tailgate to be opened up into the tent living area. Inside, the living area measures 3 meters x 3 meters to accommodate up to four adults, six if you include the back of the vehicle, and with over 2 meters in height at the peak of the dome there is plenty of standing room.

The tent allows the vehicle's interior to be used as a sturdy, level and comfortable sleeping area and it can also be easily removed from the vehicle so that driving off in the vehicle and leaving the tent behind takes only a matter of minutes. The dome shaped tent is designed to be easy to assemble with permanently linked tent poles and a sewn in ground sheet. It comes complete with two large entrance doors - one of which has a 2 meter x 2 meter canopy - and two large mesh windows. This is the second tent accessory available from Nissan with a version that fits over the top of the Navara load bed to provide the sleeping area and a canopy, extending rearwards for sheltered standing room having been made available in 2006.

Both tents are available to order from any Nissan dealer with the Navara tent costing £260 (US$563), and the Pathfinder, X-TRAIL, Murano or QASHQAI version £460 (US$949).

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