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Nike app helps apparel makers go green


July 5, 2013

Nike's Making app gives users access to its Materials Sustainability Index

Nike's Making app gives users access to its Materials Sustainability Index

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Nike has launched an app to make sustainability data more readily available to apparel makers. Called Making, the app is targeted at designers to provide them with information on the environmental implications of the materials they work with.

Using the app, designers can assess the environmental footprint information of meterials across a range of categories such as water, chemistry, energy and waste. Making draws from Nike’s Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), which draws on 7 years worth of research and analysis. It scores materials out of 50 points, ranking each material in each category. It also provides information on recycling and organic content.

To develop the initial concept, Nike gathered feedback from students at London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. The London fashion school is known for its sustainable design leadership and some of its students have already used the app to create collections of apparel.

The app is designed to make headway into the clothing industry's environmental impact. Nike says that by 2015, the industry is expected to create 400 billion sq m of fabric per year, the equivalent of covering the whole state of California with a massive piece of fabric. Further, the dying process is very water-intensive, requiring 200 tons of water for each ton of fabric processed. Finally, data from Pesticide Action Network shows non-organic cotton uses up to 25 percent of all insecticides in the world and 10 percent of all pesticides.

Source: Nike

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While an ap of keeping track of a large companys enviromental record seems ,nice.In fact this ap offers us nothing new.Companys sare saveing money by reducing there own waste by going green ,while still charging the customer the same price as before ,i see no reason to monitor there green track ,when i would be more intrested in there human rights record for marginlised workers. AN APP AIMED at allowing its users to see for example products tested on animals via google glasses app.ie the animal rights app.is even more useful then this app.

1 companys probaly only went green to keep customer loyalty based on our whole new 21 century ethics. This is called adapt or die thinking not ,do u a favour thinking .maybe that is a little strong as an opion. We the end user for some reason have to pay more also for the .,,right option,,,organic food ,made in uk ,etc,,

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