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Nike is actually making the MAG shoes from Back To The Future II


September 8, 2011

Nike is auctioning off 1,500 pairs of NIKE MAGS, as featured in the movie 'Back to the Future II,' with net proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Nike is auctioning off 1,500 pairs of NIKE MAGS, as featured in the movie 'Back to the Future II,' with net proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation

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Well, you may have heard rumblings about hints made at a mysterious press event that just took place in Los Angeles, but now it's official: Nike will be auctioning off 1,500 pairs of NIKE MAG high-top sneakers, just like the ones worn in the year 2015 by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II. While it isn't clear if the shoes automatically fit themselves to the wearer's feet (as Marty McFly's did), they are at the very least exact visual replicas of the kicks from the movie.

Starting today at 8:30PM PST, 150 pairs of the shoes will go up for auction daily on eBay's Fashion Vault. The event will last for ten days, with all net proceeds going directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. In fact, all proceeds will be effectively doubled, through a prior US$50 million match donation to the foundation.

The shoes themselves have the same contours as the original pair, along with those shoes' glowing LED panel and electroluminescent NIKE logo in the strap. Pinching the "ear" of the high top will cause the LEDs will glow, with about five hours of glow time possible per charge - evidently, the MAGs don't generate their own power.

Now, if only someone can get working on the jacket with the self-adjusting sleeves that he wore with those shoes ...

Source: Nike.

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The shoes they should\'ve made instead of the Hypermax McFly. http://www.kicksonfire.com/2009/05/10/nike-hypermax-mcfly/

Gregg Eshelman

The bidding looks to be averaged at $5000 per pair. I guess we know which sneakers they will be wearing in Dubai this fall. If these things actually auto-adjusted to your feet they may be worth it.


Nice touch with the black and white photos. This movie was made in the 80:s so I suppose you are trying to imply that it was so close to the stoneages that there hardly where any colorphotos then. :-)

[Actually, Nike supplied the black and white photos to the media! -Ed]

Conny Söre

man they should have just made some nice looking shoes to put on sale first then hit them low with this i mean who isn\'t waiting for a 75 dollar pair of something similar i mean its cool and all but maybe they should have dropped a product then go and heres the super elites for those of you who are topped out 24-7

Tommy Hickok

Looks like the actions of Doc & Marty really did change the future!


how strange that everyone is complaining about the auction price tag.

These arent being rolled out as expensive fashion. they are being rolled out as charity with proceeds going to the michael j fox foundation.

as far as I'm concerned, yeah, I'd really like a similar shoe for myself at an affordable price, but hopefully these particular shoes make a fortune!

Timothy Stone
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