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Night Stalker surfboard features headlights for night surfing


August 5, 2010

The Night Stalker surfboard features headlights for surfing at night

The Night Stalker surfboard features headlights for surfing at night

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Bill Stewart has been shaping and selling surfboards since the late 70’s and, like most surfers, it seems that Bill thinks there just aren’t enough daylight hours to enjoy his wave riding past time. To rectify this he’s created a one-of-a-kind board complete with headlights designed specifically for surfing at night. Dubbed the Night Stalker, Stewart’s creation is the first ever shortboard to pack LEDs embedded in the side fins and two 700 lumen headlights contained with the board’s transparent plexiglass nose to form a pair of surfboard headlights.

The headlights of the S-wing design board are adjustable and are powered by a pair of rechargeable batteries. It could make for some interesting extended exposure camera shots when he debuts the board at around 9pm Saturday, August 7th, at the San Clemente Pier in California.

The board will then be put on display at the ASR Trade Show at the San Diego Convention Center on August 13 and 14 at Billabong’s Art of Shaping display before being auctioned off on the 14th at 6.30pm with all proceeds going to the 2010 SIMA Humanitarian Fund. If you’re in the neighborhood and looking for a way to extend your surfing hours you might want to get along and make a bid.

Stewart Surfboards via The Scuttlefish

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Lets see, lights attract fish. Surfing is done in the ocean. Here sharky, sharky, sharky, free human sushi. Mmmmm!


One more thing to attract sharks at night.

Al Al

Night Surfing? So what? No one can find your body after the sharks are finished with it!


I used to take my kayak out at night. I had to have a light on. The last time I went out something rather large bumped me. I\'m sure that it was attracted to the light. I wouldn\'t want to surf that thing even for a little.

Facebook User

Definitely a shark lure... dusk brings hungry sharies, looking for a tasty treat, and while they may spit you out after a chomp, I\'d just as soon not try to temp them to even consider me as food. They get real curious, and a light might be about as smart as a steak dangling from your leash.

Joris Hines

Sharkies are ONE thing..... I was thinking more along the lines of limited beam dispersion and all that...

Like racing down the face of a 20 foot wave and going \"Roooooooock-.....\"

Mr Stiffy

Not only sharks, but other flying fish like needle fish that flys towards a flashlights or a fire tourch like a flying spear.


Ha, clunky design but I like it. I would have put in high power LEDs across the nose or ,at least, recessed lights cause any get-offs involving board contact could be deadly. Why not a small paddle wheel recharger between the fins? Just asking.

Sharks? They hate electrical fields that interfere with their own so...might as well put in a frequency generator as well. Just saying.

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