Nexus 10 confirmed?


October 25, 2012

This is our quick mockup based on the manual drawings (home screen: ZDNet)

This is our quick mockup based on the manual drawings (home screen: ZDNet)

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The Nexus 10 is coming. The Nexus 7's big brother hasn't been officially announced, but we've seen enough leaks to read the tea leaves. Though it doesn't offer much juicy information, a freshly-leaked product manual appears to seal the deal.

A rough sketch

Apart from (apparently) confirming the Nexus 10, the alleged manual is hardly noteworthy. We see a diagram of a full-sized tablet, complete with unsurprising features like front- and rear-facing cameras. It has a strip across the back, where the camera lies, and is intended for landscape use. The manual could be fake, but it would have required someone going to great lengths to make it look this authentic.

More noteworthy is the likelihood that this device is real. Google appears to be moving full speed ahead with its tablet strategy: invade the low-end with the Nexus 7, then use that momentum to take on the iPad with a full-sized slate. It's Amazon's tablet strategy, only in fast forward (Amazon still hasn't confirmed a full-sized Kindle Fire).

The real deal

Mockup of the tablet's back, based on drawings in manual

Like the Retina Display iPad, the Nexus 10's killer feature will be its display. It's rumored to have a 10.1-inch, 2560 x 1600 screen. This would break new ground, and would have a jaw-dropping 299 pixels per inch (PPI). Remember that tablets are typically held farther away than smartphones, so "Retina" status doesn't require as high of a pixel density. Riffing on Apple's terminology (which Google wouldn't), the Nexus 10 could be considered the first mass-marketed Super Retina Display tablet.

Little else is known about the mythical Nexus 10, apart from its being a collaboration with Samsung. More details are coming: Google is expected to announce the tablet at its event in New York City next Monday. It's unlikely that the device will release immediately – we probably would have heard more if it were about to launch – so we'd bet on the first half of 2013.

Source: Seeko via The Verge

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This is what I a have been waiting for.. I didn't want a 7" tablet. I hope this has an SD or MicroSD card slot.

Michael Mantion

Ah, but they are being released almost immediately...


Careful there Michael. I have a HTC EVO and a Galaxy 10.1 The 7 gets the most attention.

Richard Barrett

Looking at the rendition of what the back looks like - I'd be too embarassed to carry that thing around.

Sambath Pech

@Sambath Pech

Embarrassed ! Are you only looking for bragging rights or what ? For majority of users functionality, TCO and value for money are more important? No wonder US economy is going to dogs and Apple is laughing all the way to the bank !

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