Shock-proof iPad mini case packs in neat trickery


July 22, 2013

New Trent's Airbender Mini is a protective case for the iPad mini

New Trent's Airbender Mini is a protective case for the iPad mini

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The iPad mini may indeed be small and portable, but after spending over $300 on one, you probably don’t want to send it out into the world unprotected. While there are already various aftermarket cases available to do the job, New Trent’s just-released Airbender Mini offers a couple of particularly interesting features.

First of all, the rubberized, shock-proof and splash-proof Airbender Mini does indeed protect the little tablet. Even when opened, the polycarbonate clamshell-type case keeps the iPad’s display safe from scratches via an integrated screen protector, which still allows for touchscreen functionality.

The Airbender also features a low-profile Bluetooth keyboard, for users who don’t like the iPad’s non-tactile virtual equivalent.

The keyboard-containing half of the case is connected to the tablet-containing half using an aluminum arm. That arm allows the tablet to be rotated 360 degrees relative to the keyboard, allowing it to be viewed in portrait or landscape modes. The arm can also be pulled completely free of the keyboard, separating the two halves and serving as a stand for the iPad.

Tipping the scales at 9.1 ounces (258 g), the Airbender Mini is available now via the company website and Amazon, for US$39.95. A demo of the case can be seen in the video below.

Source: New Trent

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