New Toshiba LCDs can process standard definition content into HD


September 2, 2008

Toshiba's ZF575D LCD screen, featuring image upscaling technology

Toshiba's ZF575D LCD screen, featuring image upscaling technology

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September 2, 2008 HDTV equipment is selling furiously across the world; it seems every second lounge room now boasts a massive high-def LCD or plasma screen - that, as often as not, is displaying standard-definition video, because there's still a lot of standard-def DVDs floating about the place and a lot of broadcast content is still standard-def too. Toshiba has decided to work within the limitations of the media by introducing instant image upscaling technology on its new ZF575D monitors, which take standard-definition feeds and convert them to near-HD resolution while sharpening edges and details to produce a much clearer picture.

Toshiba has used the 2008 IFA to announce the release of its ZF575D LCD screens, which feature built-in Resolution+ image upscaling technology that effectively converts standard definition vision up close to HD. An integrated processor instantly resizes the incoming standard-definition picture to near HD pixel levels, and at the same time identifies and enhances edge detail, depth and texture across the picture.

The screens also include Toshibals' Active Vision 100Hz picture processing, which doubles the effective refresh rate by generating and inserting an intermeditate image between each frame, which complements the sharp picture with extra-smooth motion.

Otherwise the ZF LCDs are well specified, with Audyssey Equalised audio which boosts bass at lower volumes for a fuller sound, Dolby Digital Plus, NICAM stereo and SRS WOW. Receiver-wise there's an integrated digital tuner, and the energy conscious will be glad to note there's a full power down option that stops the screens from bleeding energy away on standby mode.

The ZF series is available in 40 and 46 inch screen sizes. Pricing and availability are TBA.

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