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Portable foldable document camera provides an alternative to scanners


June 9, 2010

Place a document, photo or real object underneath the overhead camera module and the digit...

Place a document, photo or real object underneath the overhead camera module and the digitized image can be displayed, printed out, stored or sent out via email and fax

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If you find yourself going to meetings, presentations or trade shows a lot then DocExpress from Taiwan's New Image could just help ease the burden of carrying away reams of paper handouts. Instead of lugging all that paper around, pop the document, photograph or even real object under the high speed, portable document camera solution and zap a digitized version instead. The solution can even be used to project, copy, fax, email or record images or video.

Handheld scanners are getting easier to use but what happens when you need scanning up to A3, record some video footage or project a document onto a screen? You probably have to seek out another solution. The foldable and portable DocExpress series from New Image can manage all that and more besides.

The DocExpress solution has a very small storage footprint

Models in the series offer image capture at 3, 3.6 or 5 megapixels from documents ranging from A5 to A3 in black & white or 16.8 million True Color (24-bit) resolution. There are both manual and autofocus flavors and DocExpress is multi-functional too. Each model is capable of black & white or color copying, scanning, direct fax and email of captured image and screen shot capture. Video capture at up to 2240 x 1600 true color resolution and at up to 78 frames per second is possible (depending on model) and the devices can even be used to project images onto a screen.

As there's no contact with the document being scanned so there's no chance of paper jams. DocExpress connects to (and is powered by) a laptop or computer via USB 2.0 and the included VideoCenter Mini software allows a user to further manipulate and manage captured images, such as cropping, shadow removal and conversion to PDF files for onward transmission. On the other hand, an included TWAIN driver means that many graphics manipulation programs should also be compatible.

The supporting software is Windows-only at the moment but a Mac-friendly version is in the works. Pricing and availability information is available via New Image.

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