Neato XV-11 robot vacuum cleans up... logically


January 27, 2010

Contrary to the expectations of the creators of The Jetsons, the robotic vacuums of today generally resemble a floor-crawling disc rather than humanoid Rosie the Robot. The latest device to join the ranks of circular-shaped household helpers alongside the Electrolux Trilobyte, iRobot Roomba and LG Roboking is the Neato XV-11 from Neato Robotics. Boasting Neato's RPS (that’s Room Positioning System) technology the XV-11 uses path-planning algorithms to outline the area to clean, which it then carries out in a systematic back-and-forth pattern.

Neato Robotics’ Director of Marketing, Charlotte Empey, gave Gizmag a rundown of the XV-11 at CES 2010, so check out the vid to see it in carpet-cleaning action.

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Have to be one of the most pointless inventions. Doesn\'t clean right to the edges where the dust collects and uses very old technology bag type collection and filter. Where\'s the now common cyclone and HEPA filter system?


@Pandora... I guess this is your opportunity to make a better one.

Acutally, I have a few friends with the iRobot vacuums, and they like them quite a bit for reducing the amount of deep cleaning they have to do. They don\'t eliminate completely the need for manual vacuuming, but reduce the need by 90%.

The addition of the laser sensors and the parallel vacuum lines is very welcome addition to the robot vacuum lineage. The ability to do one room at a time, and know where the doorways are is genius (for a vacuum).

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