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nCycle concept bike is smart, foldable, secure


January 17, 2013

nCycle aims to offer a more attractive and compelling folding e-bike

nCycle aims to offer a more attractive and compelling folding e-bike

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Despite being around for over a century, bicycles are ideally suited to meet today’s urban transport needs – even if issues remain in the form of theft-prevention, storage, and safety. Gizmag has covered its fair share of bike designs which aim to tackle these problems, and nCycle is the latest such concept to hit our collective radar, sporting a modern design and some high-tech features to match.

nCycle boasts several innovations, including a smartphone dock and integrated holographic display, an easy folding mechanism for more convenient carrying and storage, and a novel security mechanism dubbed “nLock.”

nLock makes use of nCycle’s handlebars as a method of securing the bike to a street light, or something similar. The rider simply finds a suitable place to tether the nCycle and closes the handlebars around the structure to lock it in place. No anti-theft measure is perfect, but it’s certainly an elegant alternative to a lock and chain.

nLock makes use of the bike’s own handlebars as a method of security

Alongside a battery-powered electric motor, Bluetooth speakers and integrated headlights, the nCycle concept also calls for a holographic display which sits atop the handlebars and mirrors the screen of the rider's smartphone. This display could provide directions, speed and other information, while the smartphone remains stowed safely away in a dock hidden in the bike's frame.

In addition, nCycle seeks to offer a more intuitive folding system for easier storage, and this is said to be a three-step process which can be performed quickly and with little effort.

The nCycle concept is the brainchild of designers Marin Myftiu and Skyrill. If it makes it from the drawing board to manufacture, it could be offered in several iterations to suit budget and need, including a basic “no frills” model and a unit with a comparatively expensive electric motor.

Fingers crossed the presumably significant practical hurdles of such a bike can be worked out, because it's certainly an appealing looking method of urban transport.

Source: Marin Myftiu via Co.Exist

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"If it makes it from the drawing board to manufacture,"

again just a drawing basically



18th January, 2013 @ 11:44 am PST

Stylistically, it's stunning. Functionally, it pulls off a few tricks too. I hope they build it.

Fahrenheit 451
19th January, 2013 @ 10:18 am PST
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