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April 12, 2010

National Robotics Week: demonstrating the importance of robotic technology in society

National Robotics Week: demonstrating the importance of robotic technology in society

National Robotics week is the brainchild of a consortium of U.S. academics and businesses created with the aim of not only promoting the ever increasing role of robotics in industries as diverse as healthcare, agriculture and transportation, but also to advocate for increased funding for research and development into robotic technology.

A whole host of open houses, challenges, demonstrations and workshops are taking place over the week at universities, research centers, youth robotics clubs and manufacturing companies, showcasing the robotic industry and hopefully piquing the interest of potential students to pursue the study of STEM related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Adept, a manufacturer of intelligent vision-guided robotics systems is hosting on open house that will feature demonstrations of the human brain controlling a robot mechanism, a Wii remote control directing the movements of a robot, as well as the first iPad interface and cloud application to control an industrial robot.

National Robotics week runs until April 18. A full rundown of events can be found at the National Robotics Week website.


Hopefully, National Robotics Week can start with the teaching of what a robot is and isn\'t. A \"robot\" is an autonomous machine, interacting with it\'s environment, based upon sensors and software algorithms.

Anything controlled by human (e.g. Radio-controlled) is not a robot: that\'s a mechanical toy.

The definition between radio-controlled machines and true robots has been blurred by shows like \"Robot Wars\", which are just radio-controlled machanical gizmos, not robots.

If they really wanted a Robot Wars, the machines would have to have software and sensors, and programmed to hunt and destroy the other robots in the arena.


being on a wire or RC/ radio controlled does not make the design a robot ?

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