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Myvu Video Eyewear gets iPhone compatibility


November 3, 2008

Myvu Video Eyewear gets iPhone compatibility

Myvu Video Eyewear gets iPhone compatibility

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November 4, 2008 Myvu has announced that its flagship Myvu Crystal video glasses now work with the Apple iPhone. The 82 gram, USB rechargeable Crystal model tops the company's range with 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution and a 22.5 degrees diagonal field-of-view and ship with noise-cancelling earphones from Ultimate Ears.

Myvu is thrilled to announce that Myvu Crystal is now fully compatible with the Apple iPhone,” said Kip Kokinakis, president and CEO of Myvu Corporation. “We’re extending our reach into the consumer market as the first video eyewear to fully integrate plug-and-play functionality with all iPod with video models and now the Apple iPhone.”

Available in black or amber, the Myvu Crystal video glasses are priced at around USD$300 while the new works with iPhone cable will set you back $24.95. The "Shades" model (USD$199.95) falls well short in terms of resolution at 320 x 240 and are not as stylish (though we are talking about video glasses here), but do boast more than twice the battery capacity (up to 10 hours viewing time) compared with the Crystal.

Via: Myvu.

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How are you supposed to operate the touchscreen? Or is it for viewing movies only?

5th November, 2008 @ 10:24 pm PST
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