Point Motion makes music from movement

Point Motion is a new motion sensing system that lets you create music through the movement of your body. Initially available as a package containing both the software and a wireless camera, it will also work with existing webcams.Read More

Matchstick guitar strikes the right chord

When I was younger and had a lot more time on my hands, I collected thousands of spent matches from friends and family, glued them together and formed such delights as a windmill, race car and thatched cottage with matchstick picket fence. Okay, not quite as impressive as a scale model of the International Space Station, but it kept me out of trouble. Mostly. Ex-military man and accomplished luthier Dean Fraser from Chorley in Lancashire, UK, has spent the last couple of years up to his ears in sticks and glue to create the stunning 1954 Fender Stratocaster tribute guitar you can see above.Read More

Bose's latest headphones cut the cables along with background noise

In a continuously cacophonous world, there may be few pleasures greater than a personal bubble of comfortable silence to ease the mind. Bose, known for pioneering active noise cancelling (ANC) tech, has evolved a couple if its top models for a more convenient experience. Both the over-ear QuietComfort 35 and in-ear QuietControl 30 headphones add Bluetooth wireless to the company's leading ANC tech.Read More

Leave the amp at home: Twin-speaker guitar throws out authentic tones

Showing off your shred skills to your friends can be less than satisfying using an electric guitar on its own. But lugging amps, effects and cables to the beach or campsite ain't exactly practical. And finding sockets nearby to power your fretboard athletics – forget it. Which is where guitars packing built-in speakers and effects come in handy. The latest to join the likes of the Fusion Guitar in bringing a modern twist to the play anywhere electric six string design is the Model One from ElectroPhonic Innovations, which is said to boast tube-like vintage tone and dial-in effects. Read More

Stomp puts riff recording at your feet

Do you rely on hastily scribbled notation or tab when four- or six-string inspiration hits? Or maybe you sit in front of your smartphone and hit record. Or even just try and remember, only to completely forget by the time you reach the rehearsal room. Denmark's TC Electronic has now come up with the Wiretap Riff Recorder, a new way to capture and catalog your killer riffs that's always at your feet.Read More

Epic Epiphone mod makes for scorching solos

At the end of last month we got a small taste of the inspired craziness of Brit backyard tinkerer Colin Furze when we took a look at his insane DIY hoverbike. Earlier in April, Furze asked viewers of his YouTube channel for ideas on how he could modify a rather nice-looking Epiphone Les Paul guitar. Clearly Mad Max fans were watching as most viewers voted for a flamethrower. Read More

USB cable lets you power your stomps with your phone

Thanks to a wealth of mobile music creation apps, it's never been easier to capture moments of inspiration while on the move. But if you're backpack rig includes real-world effects pedals, a portable amp or a mini synthesizer, the search for a wall outlet could seriously interfere with your creative process. Irish power solutions provider myVolts is looking to solve just such a dilemma with the Ripcord.Read More


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