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Media Chair offers iPod dock, speakers, projector – and comfort


November 19, 2009

The Media Chair by Martin Emila features an iPod dock, built-in surround sound speakers, a...

The Media Chair by Martin Emila features an iPod dock, built-in surround sound speakers, a projector and plenty of style and comfort

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Usually, when you envisage a media chair your mind conjures up thoughts of weird (read uncomfortable) pieces of furniture that would be more at home in a museum of modern art than your lounge room. But Martin Emila’s Media Chair is something else. Sure, it’s a bit “left field” but it’s a concept chair that would look pretty good at my, I reckon. It features embedded speakers, an iPod dock, a projector and, above all, looks pretty darn comfortable.

“The idea behind a project was to develop a comfortable seat with multimedia capabilities,” Emila told Gizmag. As a result, the chair is formed from a hard plastic shell with soft foam inserts to provide the necessary comfort to allow users to enjoy their media. The inserts can be covered with leather or fabric in many patterns. It has four adjustable telescopic legs to provide the best seating position.

“As a multimedia source, a built-in iPod dock sits in the right armrest and three-way speakers are built into the headrest to offer a surround sound distribution,” Emila, from Renamed, says.

“On the outer left side is a compact projector for watching video.”

Still only a concept so no prices or availability just yet, but as a multimedia chair, this looks like it might have some legs (pardon the pun). Make sure you check out the additional images of the chair in the gallery.

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What, no recline? That's a dealbreaker. Also, I'd want it like the "Napper Crapper 2000" chair in the movie Stay Tuned, which included a built-in refrigerator under the armrest and a commode under the seat.

21st November, 2009 @ 03:56 pm PST
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