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Yvon Martel’s multi-purpose, all-terrain electric locomotive


February 23, 2014

The MTT-136 (short for 'My Track Technology' and the 136 inch snowmobile tread) is capable...

The MTT-136 (short for 'My Track Technology' and the 136 inch snowmobile tread) is capable of doing the grunt work across some very tough terrain

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Looking like a mix between a snowmobile, a dog sled and a miniature World War I tank, Yvon Martel’s electric creation is nothing if not versatile. Known as the MTT-136, this French Canadian all-terrain, all-electric pulling device is one of those enigmatic all-purpose machines whose appeal extends well beyond a certain backwoods demographic.

Depending on the battery system selected, Martel’s electric sled is reported to deliver a range of somewhere between 45 and 220 kilometers (137 miles). The MTT-136 (the MTT is short for “My Track Technology”) weighs in at around at 280 lb (127 kg) and can reach speeds of 40 km/h (24 mph) on open ground. According to the designer, the electrified sled has a recharge time of anywhere between 15 minutes and eight hours, depending on the selected battery arrangement.

The MTT-136’s low center of gravity, copious amounts of immediately accessible electric torque and the 136-inch (345 cm) caterpillar tread system gives the sled Swiss Army knife-like capabilities, but in a more substantial casing. Capable of pulling a number of different hauling and passenger units, the sled’s steering and power is managed by the rider through a modified handlebar system.

A twinned version uses two caterpillar units bolted together

Martel's electric sled has the ability to pull passengers, materials, and small loads through snow, mud and grass with relative ease. The clip below shows the sled being used to push vehicles, pull fallen logs, clear snow and pull the inventor under fallen brush where snowmobiles and ATV’s would find it impossible to venture. One downside is that because of the sled's ground hugging, open-faced design, driver and passengers will likely have to deal with snow, mud, and gravel in their face.

The MTT-136’s long rectangular form, which resembles a downsized WWI tank, houses the sled’s battery, generator and belt drive system. The sled’s electric system also doubles as a portable electric generator. A hidden plug-in port on the side of the sled allows users access to a 110V system that can be used to power electric tools, lighting, recharge other devices. Martel also shows a twinned version with two caterpillar units bolted together and a storage unit on top. When not in use the sled handle folds up to make it easier to transport or store.

Currently Yvon Martel’s MTT-136 electric sled is a working prototype, but the Quebec inventor is actively looking for investors to further develop and manufacture the product.

Watch the following clip to see the multi-talented MTT-136 in action.

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So many backyard mechanics trying to market their idea, this one looks like the real deal. If the price is reasonable can see this selling extremely well. Nice job Yvon and good luck with marketing. Throw a big gas gen set in the sleigh and you have unlimited range!

23rd February, 2014 @ 06:06 pm PST

Looks like a pretty solid prototype.

Racqia Dvorak
23rd February, 2014 @ 07:16 pm PST


This guy should look at whacking a few "paddles" on the treads to make it amphibious like DARPA's "CAAT" here -


You could *water-ski* behind it........ :)

I **so** want one of those CAATs.....


23rd February, 2014 @ 10:58 pm PST

More useul overall than a snowmobile, Parks & Wildlife should buy hundreds for low-impact trail maintenance, search and rescue missions, there are endless possibilities!

Bolt an inflatable buoyancy aid - like those rubber boats - on either side of the single track with a platform link and you have got a lakes and rivers machine as well!

The Skud
23rd February, 2014 @ 11:20 pm PST


Great job my friend...fellow inventor.

Mark Loucks
24th February, 2014 @ 01:20 am PST

This concept has potential. Like a snowmobile and an ATV rolled up into one, but without the noisiness of an internal combustion engine!

24th February, 2014 @ 07:22 am PST

Can you say 'inherently unsafe'?

Best invest in some body armor.

And be thinking about a service animal later.

Fairly Reasoner
24th February, 2014 @ 07:29 am PST

This does not look all that much different than the old Diablo Rouge snow mobile I had as a kid. That thing hauled, well, you what, and I had a lot of fun with it.


I wonder if anyone has checked the patent office on this!

Charles G. Gage
24th February, 2014 @ 08:35 am PST

This is a modern version of the Bolens Diablo Rouge and Hus-Ski, but with some notable improvements.

Kevin Pezzi
24th February, 2014 @ 08:40 am PST

I like it. A lot. The twin-track looks especially useful for carrying rather than just towing. Maneuverability would be improved over the single track (near zero radius?), but would require some more complicated controls which I am sure he is already working on.

Bruce H. Anderson
24th February, 2014 @ 08:44 am PST

The only big downside to at least one model of this is getting a face full of snow. It really needs some kind of fender on it.

Ron Olson
24th February, 2014 @ 09:04 am PST

This brings back memories, Back in the early '70s had two of the Bolens Diablo Rouge snowmobiles. (Made in Quebec.) Really versatile for carrying things in the back and was a real help during the Buffalo NY Blizzard of '77, however I ended up being tossed onto the hood a couple of times while crossing ditches. I'd want a removable cover over those tracks just-in-case. A rubber shield would cut down on debris flying in the face.

Loads of photos on them if you Google 'Bolens Diablo Rouge'.

Back then the engines were underpowered and a bear to start, even when they came out with a battery/starter arrangement.

I do like the folding handlebar arrangement.

This electric unit seems to have better power. Speed isn't as critical as power. This will be excellent for search and rescue.

24th February, 2014 @ 09:06 am PST

Rather neat and practical looking machine.

Lloyd Bowles
24th February, 2014 @ 09:35 am PST

It looks much more like a Goliath tracked mine :D

Martin Pravda
25th February, 2014 @ 01:05 am PST

I suspect this creation will be quite expensive. I hope I am wrong as it looks like a very useful tool. I can see this unit being adapted to help the disabled get around as well. In fact that just might be its best use.

Jim Sadler
25th February, 2014 @ 11:52 am PST

I would love to be a sales rep. for this product. My Ideas are endless to the farmers out here in my area. I live in orchard country, farms in North Grand Rapids MI. This is vary versatile in a 4 season life style for farming. $$$ How Much are you selling it for?

Lori Landwer
25th February, 2014 @ 07:05 pm PST

Being an all weather machine, this thing would have endless uses in our state. Everyone who's seen it on facebook already wants one. Please let us know when, where and how much as soon as it's on the market!

Jan VanWagner
28th February, 2014 @ 02:24 pm PST

i would be interested in buying one of these!! also may be interested in investing some money to help get them out there. please email me and let me know what I can do cody_butler@outlook.com

Cody Butler
1st March, 2014 @ 08:35 am PST


i want this sale also here in Finland... Pleace contact me :)


Petri Tyvelä
16th November, 2014 @ 02:29 am PST
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