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MountMe Freedom II multi-purpose iPad bracket


May 27, 2011

The MountMe Freedom II iPad 2 mount utilizes a Velcro strap and suction cups, for a variet...

The MountMe Freedom II iPad 2 mount utilizes a Velcro strap and suction cups, for a variety of mounting possibilities

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Although the carry-ability of iPads is undoubtedly one of their biggest selling features, holding one of those things in front of yourself can get tiring after a while. Various companies have attempted to capitalize on this fact, offering a wide variety of iPad holders. While many of these systems just prop the iPad up, the new Freedom II offers a few unique features, such as suction cups and a mounting strap.

The Freedom II is intended specifically for the iPad 2, and is made by Florida tech company MountMe.

For starters, the system includes a protective iPad carrying case, which is designed not to wobble when laid on flat surfaces - a common complaint with un-cased iPads. This case attaches via a rear quick-release to the mounting bracket. In its most simple configuration, that bracket is able to act as a kickstand, should you simply wish to stand your iPad up on a flat surface.

If you wish to use it for watching movies in the back seat of a car, however, you can use the Freedom II's included Velcro strap to secure it around the headrest of the seat in front of you. Needless to say, strap-mounting would no doubt be useful in many other situations, such as attaching the iPad to your thigh when using it in a seated position.

The MountMe Freedom II iPad 2 mount utilizes a Velcro strap and suction cups, for a variet...

Should you instead use the four suction cups, you can then stick your iPad onto a desk, countertop or other surface, and not worry about it sliding away as you press on its screen. The iPad/case can then be panned 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees relative to the bracket, and locked into place. The company even claims that the suction cups allow for mounting on vertical surfaces such as walls, although some people might not be willing to trust it quite that far. For those people, screws are included for a more permanent wall-mount.

The Freedom II will be widely available starting in June in a variety of colors, for US$49.99. It can already be pre-ordered, however, through MountMe's website. Owners of a first-generation iPad can also order an original Freedom mount for their machine.

If you like your iPad stands a little quirkier-looking, you could also check out the octopus-like iGet, which holds tablet computers in a variety of positions via long, flexible legs.

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