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Motorola reveals skinny IT.6 cordless landline(!) phone with answering machine


June 26, 2014

The slim IT.6 handset at CE Week in New York

The slim IT.6 handset at CE Week in New York

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In this day and age, you could be forgiven for not knowing that landline phones are even still being made. They are, though, and their designers are attempting to keep them just as high-tech-looking as their cellular siblings. A case in point is Motorola’s new IT.6, which recently won a Red Dot product design award.

The slim cordless metal-framed handset is the phone’s real standout feature, needless to say. It’s less than 6 mm thick at its narrowest point, and features a 2.2-inch backlit LCD display, a backlit keypad, speakerphone functionality, and a swanky curved bottom that fits into its “crystal” base unit. Its battery can manage up to seven hours of talk time, or 130 in standby.

The phone also has a built-in answering machine that can store up to 30 minutes of messages at a time, a 100-name-and-number phone book, 10 selectable ringtones, and caller ID memory that can store up to 50 names.

If it turns your crank, it can be yours for US$69.

Source: Motorola

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Anyone who is surprised that landline phones are still being made should come and spend a day where I live. If my mobile (cell) 'phone rings, I have to dash outside to take the call because the signal is so bad it will cut out within seconds of my answering it if I am indoors. I am not alone in having this experience.

Mel Tisdale

You can buy more-or-less the same looking phone, for the exact same price, from the skype people - it's both a landline phone, as well as a skype phone, and it does DECT (so you can have lots of handsets all at once) - it also does more than 1 phone line, more than 1 skype account, and you can conference any combo of those things together too.


Those who are unaware of or think landlines are redundant must be really ignorant. Just remember what happened in New York on 9/11.

Here in India the government shuts down all mobile communication in the event of any kind of disturbance, political or communal or terrorist error or the like. Same holds true with major and extended power outage. In these situations only communication available is through landline.


Thanks for the info. I most certainly am interested in such a skype phone. My family is spread across the world from New Zealand to the west coast of US. Skype is the only way I communicate. With such a phone I no longer need to keep my PC on 24/7. Will certainly look into it.

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