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Motorola demos Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch


June 26, 2014

A small notification card cover the lower part of the clock screen

A small notification card cover the lower part of the clock screen

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Although it was barely mentioned in the opening keynote of Google I/O on Wednesday, Motorola's Moto 360 is very much real, as the lines to try it on after the keynote demonstrated. The only catch is that we're all going to have to wait a little longer to actually have the opportunity to purchase the unique round face smartwatch that runs Android Wear.

While Google announced during the keynote that the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Android Wear smartwatches would begin taking preorders right away, the word was that the more intriguing Moto 360 would not be available until later on in the northern summer.

Perhaps sensing the disappointment among early adopters and Android and Moto fans, Motorola released a video demo of the Moto 360 from Google I/O this morning. You can watch the whole thing below, which features marketing staffer Cathay Bi showing off a Moto 360 with a leather band and a stainless steel case for the main body itself. It looks very elegant, but like the other smartwatches worn by Googlers during the keynote, it also looks pretty big and bulky on her wrist.

The custom watch screen backgrounds designed for the Moto 360 actually seem quite a bit more stylish than those shown off at Google I/O on stage. A small notification card covers the lower section of the clock screen; you can then swipe it up to interact with that notification and leave the clock screen.

Voice command also gets a quick demo, and works in much the same way as touchless control on the Moto X by simply saying "Ok, Google." There's also a physical button on the side of the watch's body that's used to wake it up, or you can tap the face.

Watch the whole thing below and stay posted for more news on the Moto 360 here at Gizmag. I anticipate a big unveil that will include the Moto X+1, successor to the Moto X, as well sometime in the next 6 weeks.

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It does look big on her wrist but she is little. I was sad that I couldn't pre-order one yesterday but hopefully it won't look as huge on a regular sized human.


I want it now... If it has at the least 3 days battery life I can deal with the bulk. If not it needs a little exercise and a diet.

Ryan Gibbons

The big question, is it shock proof, i.e. can you wear it while working with tools like hammers, percussion drills and such like, or is iy mainly for show?


The Moto360 form factor and screen obviously sets it apart. I love it for its from factor and its edge to edge, practically bezel-less screen, but the Moto360 still has a couple of challenges:

The screen is not anti reflective - so it won't be readable outdoors.

It's not 100% established whether it will turn on the screen with an arm movement, or whether it needs two handed operation. The official video shows two handed. Not a good idea at the wheel of a car, or at the controls of an aircraft, or even in a meeting. There's another demo video from Google I/O which shows an arm movement to turn on the screen. But why wouldn't that be in the official video.


Most recent piece an Altiplano. Though on occasion there is a need to swing a hammer, and other such activity. There is no need to have the G & B or the Patek, or the Altiplano on whilst doing so.


Minor point: I have the Moto X - a great phone with Republic Wireless service - and I believe the words for touchlessss control are "OK Google Now" (i.e., with the "now" part).

Dr. Michael W. Ecker

I really like it. But I want to know what the battery life is

Sudesh Katugampola
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