Moto X phone will incorporate advanced sensors, let you pick your own colors


July 3, 2013

The upcoming Moto X will reportedly let you customize its colors (and it won't look much like this)

The upcoming Moto X will reportedly let you customize its colors (and it won't look much like this)

We've been hearing rumors of the Moto X smartphone since late last year. It was originally described as Google's superphone that would do battle with the iPhone and Galaxy S series. Imaginations quickly ran wild, envisioning what Google could do to change the game. Well, we're now getting a clearer picture of that, and it might not be quite what we originally expected.

According to ABC News, Motorola's phone will be customizable, but only from a cosmetic perspective. We're looking at a pick-your-own colors and engravings kind of thing. The report says that, on checking out via the web, you'll be able to pick different colors for both the phone's back and bezel. You can also add some text to engrave on the back, or upload your own photo for engraving. You'll also be able to upload your own default wallpaper before shipping, though that's hardly a revolutionary feature.

The report shot down previous speculation that customers would be able to customize the phone's processor, RAM, or other technical hardware. As with many phones, however, it will be sold in multiple storage options.

What might be more interesting are details about the phone's sensors. Echoing previous murmurs, Google-owned Motorola is allegedly adding hardware and software that will do things like open the camera with a flick, or automatically activate speakerphone when driving. Google's voice recognition will also play a part in some of these sensor-based features.

The phone is reportedly being tested on US carriers, including Verizon, and is "coming soon." It will be sold both on the web and in stores, and is being manufactured and assembled at a 500,000-square foot (46,452-sq m) facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Source: ABC News

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