OUTRIDE case turns the iPhone into an actioncam


August 1, 2012

The mophie OUTRIDE case allows the iPhone 4 or 4S to be used as an actioncam

The mophie OUTRIDE case allows the iPhone 4 or 4S to be used as an actioncam

Perhaps you’re considering buying an actioncam, but can’t quite rationalize spending $300 or so when your iPhone already has a perfectly good video camera ... if only you could keep it from getting damaged. Well, mophie’s new OUTRIDE case for the iPhone 4 and 4S may be what you’re looking for.

Like the housing of the ubiquitous GoPro HERO, the OUTRIDE is made from clear impact-resistant polycarbonate and features a 170-degree wide-angle lens.

The user’s iPhone simply sits inside of the case, where it’s protected from dirt, dust, flailing branches, and moisture – although it’s billed as being waterproof, mophie hasn’t stated just how waterproof it is. Obviously, there’s a big difference between being able to withstand a few splashes, and being fully submersible.

It also isn’t clear if the iPhone can be operated once in place, or if its video camera has to be set recording before the phone is sealed in.

The case does come bundled with a number of mounts, allowing it to be attached to various things either vertically or horizontally. It is also paired with a free dedicated app, designed to facilitate the easy capture, viewing and sharing of footage.

OUTRIDE should be available as of mid-September, with prices ranging from $129.95 to $149.95 depending on the package. The very similar Optrix XD Sport case – which does definitely allow for use of the phone’s touchscreen controls, but is also not suitable for much in the way of true underwater use – sells for $99.

Source: mophie via Engadget

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I have an iphone and while the image quality is pretty good the biggest problem with recording video is that any kinda movement causes a really nasty wobble/shaking effect, even with hand mounts to stabilize the video still turns out not so good.

Being used as an actioncam is almost laughable even if it has stabilizers.

Nathaneal Blemings
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