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Moneual's Rydis H67 robot both vacuums and mops


October 29, 2013

Moneual's Rydis H67 robot vacuum and mop cleans hard floors and carpets

Moneual's Rydis H67 robot vacuum and mop cleans hard floors and carpets

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Sometimes, we just don't find the time we need to clean our homes. That's where cleaning robots can be a real life saver, as they do the cleaning for you. A new one from Moneual, called the Rydis H67, combines a vacuum for carpets and mop for tile and wood floors into one electronic workhorse.

Generally, most floor cleaning robots come in one of two flavors – vacuum cleaner or mop. This is fine for people with only one type of floor throughout their home, but not all houses are designed this way, and with the somewhat lofty price tags of these devices, most people are not going to run out and buy two. At US$400, the H67 looks to be a decent option, as it saves users from having to purchase double the cleaning robots.

The mop portion of the H67 is added by the user when hard floor cleaning is necessary, and the device actually detects that the microfiber mop has been attached and avoids carpeted surfaces until it's removed. This means users can leave it alone without worrying about it getting their nice carpets all wet. The package includes two washable mops, so users can keep the robot working while one mop is being cleaned.

As for the vacuum side of the device, it features a BLDC motor, which the company promises to be extremely powerful while lasting as much as 10 times longer than standard DC motors. It features a 600cc dustbin that it is reportedly easy to empty.

When mopping, the H67's lithium-ion phosphate battery is rated to last for about five hours of continuous cleaning. Presumably, the battery life would drop when the vacuum's motor is running, but Moneual didn't say by exactly how much. The robot will automatically return to its charging station when the battery is running low, and it will take about two hours to receive a full charge.

Some other notable features include the 3.23-inch (8.2-cm) thick design which is aimed at allowing the robot to fit under sofas and other areas, the twin side brushes that are able to pull dirt out of corners, and the smart sensors that prevent it from crashing into household objects.

The H67 is available now from Best Buy.

Source: Moneual via Gizmodo

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For some reason I'm always unreasonably enthralled by articles concerning robot vacuum cleaners despite being a long way off having enough disposable income to ever justify buying one...

James McMahon

Like most multi-purpose gadgets, this one probably is poor at mopping and/or sweeping. The size of the "mop" (a micro fibre cloth) is so small that unless you're mopping a bathroom or closet, it won't do squat.

Combine that with the difficulty of cleaning such devices and it would be faster and less work to just do it by hand.

John Coryat

The Moneual is being blocked by Trend Micro - some web searching show's that their web site had some i-reputable code...pity, I was ready to buy anything that beat a Roomba - my second Roomba went out on me recently and I am so tired of their finickiness and huge costs. I am ready to try a challenger...


Maybe I'm wrong on this but I'm doubtful when I see these things referred to as "vacuums," when I suspect that they're really just "sweepers" that brush up surface dirt on your carpets. It doesn't seem to me that they'd be very good at sucking up dust and dirt that's worked its way down between the carpet fibers...

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