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Keep the kids on a virtual leash


February 10, 2011

Mommy I'm Here is a wireless alarm system that lets parents know when their child has wandered away

Mommy I'm Here is a wireless alarm system that lets parents know when their child has wandered away

A toddler on a leash – no matter how many times they see it, some people find the sight of a small child wearing a harness and tether just somehow wrong. It’s understandable why some parents do use leashes, however, as many tykes have a nasty habit of wandering off into the mall, park or woods as soon as mom or dad’s back is turned. There are GPS-based alternatives such as the Wherify Child Tracking System (which appears to now be discontinued), although they require the parent to access the internet or use their mobile phone. The Mommy I’m Here CL305 child locator, however, will instantly let you know where your kid went via an audible alarm.

The wireless system consists of a teddy bear-shaped receiver, and a keychain transmitter. The receiver is attached to the child’s shoe or belt via an integrated mounting loop. The transmitter, carried by the parent, will chirp if the child wanders more than 30 feet (9 meters) away. At that point, if the parent can’t see where their child went, they can press a button on the transmitter. This will activate a 90 db beeping alarm on the receiver, as long as it’s still within a range of 150 feet (46 meters).

The CL305 is available via the Mommy I’m Here website for US$39.99. If you can go without the “Hey, your kid’s more than 30 feet away” warning, you can save ten bucks and order the original CL103 model.

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Aweome idea! I decided to deliberately let my toddler \"run away\" in a busy shopping center once, and \"shadowed\" him to see what he would do. To my horror, the little tyke set up a determined fast pace, made random turns at every corner, and didn\'t look back. Had I not followed, there is no way I would have thought he could have gone so far, so quickly!


So why would a 90db shriek not completely freak out your lil\' tyke. I can foresee paranoia/sensitivity to such sounds for years to come.

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