Modular GoBe torch offers six lights in one


November 19, 2013

GoBee 700 Spot

GoBee 700 Spot

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Outdoor torch manufacturer Light & Motion is taking its line of multifunctional lights to the next level. The all-new GoBe is a lightweight handheld that's compatible with half a dozen different lighting elements. Purchase all six screw-on heads and you create six different lights off of one platform for diving, biking, trekking and more.

The GoBe essentially creates a middle ground between the rugged, waterproof nature of Light & Motion's Sola dive line and the small, multifunctional form factor of its bike light line. It is a 160-gram (5.6-oz) flashlight that can be submersed in 120 meters (394 ft) of water.

The six light heads available are a versatile 20-degree Spot light, available in 500- and 700-lumen outputs; a 700-lumen, 60-degree Wide beam good for illuminating large spaces; an 8-degree, 500-lumen Search light that optimizes beam distance and run time; a 60-degree Red Focus light and a 20-degree Nightsea light.

The Red Focus light puts out a red wavelength beam designed to illuminate without interfering with your night vision, while the Nightsea puts out a blue wavelength to "to excite otherworldly fluorescence." The Nightsea model includes a phosphor flip cap for switching between white and blue light.

Those light heads will also be available without the body so that buyers can purchase additional models and get multiple lighting functions out of a single flashlight. The light heads screw in and out in seconds, allowing for fast, on-the-go transformation.

In addition to working out of the box as a handheld, the GoBe offers several mounting options. A handlebar mount turns it into a functional bike light, and standard underwater photography mounts can be used for diving. Light & Motion imagines the GoBe being used for a variety of outdoor activities, including biking, scuba diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking and fishing.

The GoBe is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that promises up to 36 hours of light (up to 54 hours in SOS mode). Each light has four brightness settings, along with an SOS mode. A battery life indicator lets you keep an eye on how much battery power remains.

GoBe models are up for sale now, and retail prices range between US$200 and $329. Shipping dates range from later this month to January, depending upon model. The Red Focus is only available as a light head for $99, and Light & Motion has not yet released pricing for the other light heads.

Source: Light & Motion

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lol Joe, it's funny you said that, i glanced at is and on the top of it I thought is said G Spot. lol

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Looks like a fleshlight, uh err... I mean... nice flashlight.

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