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Moby concept car puts the squeeze on city traffic


June 16, 2009

The Moby concept car - perfect for getting out of and through tight spots

The Moby concept car - perfect for getting out of and through tight spots

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Moby – so named after the big white whale of American literary fame – is an incredibly slim, three-wheeled electric concept vehicle designed to sail through, one assumes, the narrow openings in choked city traffic, like a motorbike. Or a latter-day Captain Ahab.

Its designer WooJin Chung envisages his vehicle being used to negotiate footpaths, delivering post or by police patrolling dark, crime-filled alleyways. Certainly its narrow design makes it easy to access tight or out-of-the-way places.

The fin-shaped vehicle also can alter shape, with the back part able to be detached. The shortened model takes up half a regular parking space, which is always at a premium in crowded metropolitan areas. But the back part can also be fitted with a docking station, which allows for a larger battery to be attached or an extra seat for a passenger.

The vehicle doesn’t have doors but large portal-like openings instead for quick getaways.

Via Coroflot


O.k. now, I've seen a lot on personal transportation systems on GIZMAG, either small micro-cars (such as this one) or folding bikes/scooters with different folding techniques in order to allow ease of transport in their folded state. What I haven't seen is a solution which provides personal transport and system portability both at the push of a button .... or did I ? www.exoride.com

German Technik

And what happens in a light breeze. The roads will be littered by floundering Mobys.


The pictures show it is a four wheel vehicle not a three wheel vehicle.

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