Mobile Technology

Smart Boy turns an Android phone into an old-school Game Boy

No matter how far games advance, nostalgia for simpler times will never fade. Independent hardware developer Hyperkin is known for banking on that nostalgia, releasing products that give classic games consoles a new lease on life long after the original manufacturers have moved on. Now it has announced the Smart Boy, an Android peripheral that allows old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges to be enjoyed on a smartphone.Read More

uLink lets users link apps together like web pages

The web's utility rests on its connectedness, the so-called "deep links" that take you to specific pages on a website rather than just its landing page. But in the mobile app ecosystem such interconnectedness is both rare and time-intensive to setup. Researchers from Microsoft Redmond lab hope to change this with uLink, which allows linking to and between specific, individual locations within different mobile apps – kind of like browser bookmarks for apps.Read More

Moto Z vs. iPhone 6s Plus

The Moto Z and latest iPhones tackle the smartphone from opposite directions. Motorola's new handset may be the simplest and most logical take on the modular smartphone to date, adding new looks or features just by snapping on a back plate. The most recent iPhones, meanwhile, have shied away from such bold changes – instead conservatively evolving the world-changing formula from Apple's 2007 original. Can Motorola's flagship shake up smartphone industry stagnation? Let's start by seeing how the Moto Z compares to the iPhone 6s Plus.Read More

Moto Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Motorola's (which today really means Lenovo's) Moto Z is one of the boldest smartphones yet. A modular phone, like the LG G5, the Moto Z has a simpler, more elegant kind of modularity – with optional plates snapping magnetically onto its back, to give it either a new look or all new functionality. Let's see how it compares to one of its best and most popular – but not modular – rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.Read More

Siri opens up, and the iPhone gets a little deeper, with iOS 10

At WWDC 2016 today Apple has been busy announcing improvements to its four software platforms, including iOS. iOS 10, due out later this year, doesn't have any major new headline-grabbing features but does include a host of minor improvements that should add more depth and nuance to the experience of using the mobile OS.Read More

Oh snap! Hands-on with Lenovo's Moto Z and its modular back plates

Modular phones aren't yet a thing, per se, but that doesn't mean underdog (i.e. not Apple or Samsung) smartphone-makers aren't trying their darnedest to put them on the radar. First it was LG with its hit-and-miss G5, and now Motorola (Lenovo) with the Moto Z and its snap-on, Ashton Kutcher-approved "Moto Mods." If our hands-on time is any indication, this could be the first modular approach that really matters.Read More


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