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October 31, 2011

MobileMount is a suction cup-based universal mounting system for smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices

MobileMount is a suction cup-based universal mounting system for smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices

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There are definitely some situations where it helps to be able to mount your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device on a flat surface, such as a dashboard, kitchen counter, or wall. If you use multiple devices, this entails buying several mounts - one designed for each device. Chicago inventor J.R. Sanchez, however, has created "one mount to rule them all," so to speak. It's called MobileMount, and it works with any device it can suck onto.

MobileMount consists of two twist-to-lock suction cups, linked by a ball joint. Users simply attach one cup to the back of any device, attach the other cup to any flat surface, then adjust the angle of the device via the ball joint.

The suction cups are activated simply by twisting a knob built into each one, which sucks out most of the air trapped between the cup and an adjacent surface. This creates a strong vacuum bond, which reportedly should last for at least several weeks, even when used on heavy objects - these are not like the cheap lick-and-stick suction cups used to stick things in your windows. When it's time to remove the mount, the knobs are just twisted in the opposite direction, and the cups instantly release.

Because devices with rougher matte finishes might not offer as good of a bond on their own, adhesive-backed vinyl circles are also included in each kit. Permanently placed on the mounting point of such devices, the circles provide a smooth surface for one of the suction cups to really grab onto.

Sanchez is currently drumming up funds on Kickstarter, to finance commercial production of MobileMount - he has already reached his goal of US$20,000, so it looks very much like the product will see the light of day. A pledge of at least $25 will get you a mount in black (once they're ready), while $30 will be required to score you one in white. Delivery is estimated for January.

The MobileMount system can be seen in action in the demo video below.

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Now I have to carry around a mount for my \"designed to be portable\" tablet? Guess it can fit in the luggage I bring along to carry my tablet keyboard, mouse, USB hard drive, SDHC reader..etc.

Joseph Shimandle

@Joseph J Shimandle If and end user needs all of that with your \"designed to be portable\" tablet, then I think they purchased the wrong product and should have bought a laptop instead. Obviously, a mount like this one is intended for use around the home, such as in the kitchen where sitting it on the counter might lead to a spilled liquid onto it.

Gene Jordan

My TomTom GPS navigator has a suction mount that looks just like that.

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