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Mitsubishi's Laser TV now shipping in the US


October 29, 2008

Mitsubishi's Laser TV now shipping in the US

Mitsubishi's Laser TV now shipping in the US

October 30, 2008 Following its premiere at the CES in January, a 65-inch version of Mitsubishi's LaserVue high-definition television has hit U.S. stores. The world's first laser-powered TV, which promises unparalleled performance including twice the color and significantly lower power consumption than both its LCD and Plasma cousins, is being sold for USD$6,999. At 10 inches, it might be slightly thicker than some of the flat-screen offerings we've seen in recent times, but the trade-off is a set that delivers 1080p definition at 120Hz and operating power of approximately 135W using laser beams to provide "an extensive range of rich, complex colors, along with truly distinct clarity and immersive depth of field" according to Mitsubishi.

"Bringing laser TV to market is asignificant industry accomplishment and we're very proud to be the only TV manufacturer to date that has delivered on the promise of a laser-driven TV," said Frank DeMartin, vice president, marketing, at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "With operating power at approximately 135W, LaserVue is environmentally friendly, consuming approximately one-third the power of today's LCD TVs, and one-fourth of plasma TVs. Living in today's green-conscious environment, consumers can enjoy this color-brilliant, ground-breaking home entertainment product while being mindful of energy consumption at the same time."

The unit has been designed for both floor stand and wall-mount applications and features a full stereo range of sound capabilities with integrated speakers. LaserVue is also enables 3D viewing when coupled with source devices that support checkerboard display formats for 3D gaming or 3D cinema content.

LaserVue 65-inch in brief:

  • Model L65-A90
  • Screen Size 65-inch (diagonal)
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 (widescreen)
  • Height 39.8˝
  • Width 57.7˝
  • Depth (screen frame to back) 10.1˝
  • Depth (TV w/o foot) 10.6˝
  • Depth (TV with foot) 12.5˝
  • Weight 136.4 lbs.
  • Operating Power 135W

More info at Mitsubishi.

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