Mission One's Jeremy Cleland talks to Gizmag from the Isle of Man TTX electric motorcycle race


June 10, 2009

The Mission One electric superbike at the Isle of Man TT 2009

The Mission One electric superbike at the Isle of Man TT 2009

Entrants in the TTX Electric Superbike GP have laid some of their cards on the table at the Isle of Man - but according to Mission One's Jeremy Cleland, the first TTX practice session was all about safely making it around the track and recording battery capacity data - race pace, he says, will be significantly faster. We spoke to Cleland just before the second TTX practice session at the historic Isle of Man TT circuit - hear his thoughts on the Mission One bike, the TTX races, the future of electric racebikes and the challenges of racing in this new category in our exclusive audio interview after the jump.

Jeremy Cleland is product manager for Mission One, an ex-racer and in charge of the Mission One team at the TTXGP. In our audio interview he discusses:

  • Setting up and adjusting an electric racebike
  • The balance of speed and battery conservation that dominates setup and race practice
  • The Alpinestars datalogging system mounted in rider Tom Montano's leathers
  • The Mission One racebike's adjustable regenerative braking system
  • How the electric bikes are being accepted at the Isle Of Man event
  • The historic nature - and exciting future - of electric roadracing, including shorter circuit racing
  • Team AGNI's impressive showing in practice session 1
  • Progress on the Mission One roadbike

Click below to play (16:20)

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