Kid’s motorized Mini Seven car sets the pace in the playground


March 9, 2011

MEV's Mini-Seven gets the youngsters around town in style

MEV's Mini-Seven gets the youngsters around town in style

If your kids are always running late for school then this little number might be just the transport option to ensure they arrive on time. Made by Micro Electric Vehicles (MEV), the Mini Seven is a hand-built, proportionally accurate child's motorized car that is a slight departure from MEV's other vehicles, which are powered by electric motors, as it is powered by a small petrol Honda HP motor that can propel the Mini Seven to 19 mph (30 km/h).

With safety naturally a top priority, both of the two-seater Mini Seven's child seats are equipped with a 4-point harness seat belt system, while all engine and moving parts are fully enclosed within the vehicle's classically styled body to ensure little fingers are kept out of harm's way. Additionally, the motor has a governing mechanism that allows parents to set the vehicle's top speed to suit the driving ability of the child, while the four-wheel, fully adjustable hydraulic disc brakes provide the stopping power.

The Mini Seven features a steel space frame chassis construction with a built-in roll-bar, adjustable pedals to accommodate various child heights, and generously padded vinyl seats for those long journeys. The vehicle is designed for children aged from four to twelve years and is available is a choice of automotive metallic paints and lacquers.

Optional extras include fitting the seats with custom leather in any color embroidered with your kid's initials or company logo, painted bonnet stripes and bespoke requests.

MEV's petrol-powered Mini Seven is on the road for GBP6,995 (approx. US$11,305) and there's an electric version in the works.

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I would have killed for one of those when I was a kid! LOL!


11 grand for this thing? You could buy your kid a real car for that price! And if you make it a used car, you can get them two! Sheesh!

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