MINI introduces John Cooper Works Paceman


December 13, 2012

The John Cooper Works Paceman will debut at the Detroit Auto Show

The John Cooper Works Paceman will debut at the Detroit Auto Show

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After giving the Paceman Concept the production nod early last year, MINI debuted the 2013 Paceman just a few months ago in September. That vehicle will go on sale in the United States next year, but before it does MINI wants to show what's possible when the Paceman beefs up. The John Cooper Works Paceman will make its official world debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in January, but MINI decided to pull the covers off a month early for internet gawkers.

The Paceman's 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder backs the four wheels with the power of 208 horses. Max torque is listed at 207 lb-ft (281 Nm) with the Paceman's ALL4 all-wheel-drive system using an electromagnetic center differential to distribute power to the wheels. Under normal circumstances, the JCW Paceman prowls the streets as a front-wheel drive, but when things get slick – say on an icy winter morning – the ALL4 system powers the rear wheels to keep things moving smoothly.

The driver can lord over gear selection with the standard six-speed manual, leave it to MINI with the six-speed automatic, or split the difference with the Steptronic manual-shift function on the latter. Whatever gearbox the driver chooses, the John Cooper Works Paceman will sprint to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 6.5 seconds on the way to a top speed for the U.S. model of 127 mph (204 km/h).

Of course, no one is going to simply straight-line their JCW Paceman all day, so the car has been tuned to deliver "visceral racing thrills" at every turn. Tweaks include a MacPherson spring-strut front axle, central-arm rear axle, electric power steering and a high-performance braking system. MINI has also lowered the suspension, optimized the spring/damper set-up and added a sports exhaust system. The Sport button on the center console lets the driver quickly alter engine response, soundtrack and steering.

The vehicles has been fitted out with an aerodynamic kit with bespoke side skirts and front and rear aprons. The body is offered in a choice of nine colors, including Chili Red. John Cooper Works makes itself known with logos on the radiator grille, tailgate, on the door sill strips and next to the side indicators. A set of 18-inch light-alloy wheels connect the mini-coupe to the ground.

Inside, the John Cooper Works treatment includes red contrast stitching, cloth sports seats in carbon black trim, dark-colored dials and a John Cooper Works logo on the sports steering wheel.

After making its debut in Detroit next month, the John Cooper Works Paceman will roll onto the market in March, the same month the standard Paceman will go live.

Source: BMW/MINI

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The car looks like "the immortals" from the movie 300 ;)


This car appears unhappy - it's frowning.

James McAllister

This car would have me grinning so much my face would hurt! Looks to be as much fun as 4 wheels could give. Supercars are fun to look at but a car like this you more put on than get into and you can actually drive the heck out of it without going to jail or tomorrows front page. For me the perfect city/back road car would be much like this.


Buyers will need to avoid the splinters from parent company BMW 'scraping the barrel' yet again in coming up with ever less plausible variants on the PseudoMini concept.

This car takes all the worst aspects of of the basic BMW mini- the poor exterior styling, the messy faux- retro interior (made even worse by appallling instrumentation- the speedo needle is almost obscurred by the info and satnav screen), and rather un-spacious interior, despite bloated exterior styling; then compounds the whole thing by adding incredibly tacky 'go faster' stripes.

And don't kid yourself about its pretended 'British' heritage- even the most basic BMW Mini variant has nothing in common with the real thing, except excellent handling, and this one isn't even built here.

Horrid, horrid, horrid.

And grossly overpriced. But its by BMW so it will be marketed to death and will sell by the boatload...


There are minor hints of the M3 Coupe Hatch in this.

I still wish that M3 would have been available in auto for a gimp like me.

Layne Nelson

mini never cease to amaze me, not sure what have they done, they always sold like hot cakes or flew off the shelf. whereas gm's small werent able to give them away for free! the orig mini was a money losing proposition, one report says Ford did tried to investigate why mini sold so well, they did some cost accounting only to find out mini has a very thin markup, so ford abandoned the idea of cloning another mini. mini did cornered the rally races ie alpine, monte carlo etc.

Jimbo Jim

@bergamot69 Spot on. It's hideous. It's now so enormous you could probably fit an original mini in the glove compartment. It's such an unsympathetic travesty of the original elegant design I'm surprised that Cooper allowed their name to be associated with it. That was probably solved by large applications of cash.

BMW's treatment of the Mini reminds me of this:

Just utterly tasteless.

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