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Ferrari F40 for US$25,000 - not actual size


March 24, 2010

The mini Ferrari F40 - perhaps the only affordable Ferrari for most of us

The mini Ferrari F40 - perhaps the only affordable Ferrari for most of us

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Let’s say you’re the proud parent of a budding Michael Schumacher – he rips up the track in his go-kart, leaving others in his wake, and you know it’s only a matter of time before he progresses through to the F1 circus and makes everyone in the family filthy rich. But what does he drive to school? Can't take the kart, and certainly not a Prius. No! The only vehicle junior would feel comfortable in is a Ferrari – and this F40 fits the bill perfectly … small size, small engine, small price tag (relatively).

This one-of-a-kind mini Ferrari was built in Germany for the premiere opening of the first Ferrari Dealership in Moscow. It can seat two children, has an 80cc Honda motor and costs a mere US$25,000.

Possibly the greatest kids’ car ever built – or a perfect addition to that well-stocked private collection of Ferraris - it was designed and built by the company that does wind tunnel models for the Ferrari Factory F1 Team.

The makers say this F40 is correct and true to scale. The sellers, Hemmings, say it’s freshly painted and serviced, ready for Schuey Jnr to drive away.

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