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Miggo camera strap doubles up as a protective cover


February 2, 2014

Miggo camera straps and grips can also be used as a protective cover

Miggo camera straps and grips can also be used as a protective cover

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There's no shortage of camera straps or cases out there vying for a place on your DSLR or mirrorless shooter. But the recent Kickstarter-funded Miggo is a little different, in that it's both. When not being used as a traditional strap or wrist grip, it can wrap around your camera and double up as a protective case.

Designers behind the Miggo camera straps and grips say they came up with the idea after realizing how many people frequently didn't take their DSLRs or mirrorless cameras out with them, because they didn't want to carry a camera bag in addition to their day bag.

Made from neoprene and Lycra, the Miggo case covers fasten to the tripod thread of an interchangeable lens camera and then wrap around it to offer a level of protection when placed in a bag with other items. When unwrapped into its strap or grip configuration, the material choice should also mean the Miggo is comfortable to wear.

There are four Miggo options: the Strap and Wrap can be used as a shoulder/neck strap when it's not on protective case duty, while the Grip and Wrap doubles as a padded wrist grip to help avoid accidental drops. Each are available in two sizes, either to suit mirrorless cameras or mid-sized DSLRs – but you'll need to measure your camera and lens of choice to double-check that they fit.

Because they connect to the tripod thread using a smart adapter, cameras can still be mounted on a tripod without having to remove the Miggo first. Each of the straps and wraps also has a pocket for storing a lens cap and will be available in a selection of seven different colors and patterns.

It will currently take a Kickstarter pledge of US$35 to secure a Grip and Wrap for DSLR or mirrorless cameras, while $40 will get you a Strap and Wrap. Having successfully passed the funding goal, the Miggos are expected to ship in June.

Check out the Miggo Kickstarter video below.

Source: Miggo, Kickstarter

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How about the tropics where the strap gets sweaty, when you roll it up it will be wet ?

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