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Big screen experience from your mobile device - the Microvision SHOWWX laser pico projector


January 10, 2010

The Microvision SHOWWX laser pico projector enables widescreen quality display of images d...

The Microvision SHOWWX laser pico projector enables widescreen quality display of images directly from a mobile device

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The Microvision SHOWWX laser pico projector first came to our attention in development back in 2008, with the final version making an appearance at this years CES. Around the size of a smartphone, the SHOWWX projector enables a user to connect their iPod, mobile phone or a myriad of other devices to display movies and photos as a WVGA (848x480 pixels) DVD quality “big screen” experience.

The Microvision SHOWWX laser projector is powered by a PicoP display engine and features a MEMS single scanning mirror, giving infinite focus and a widescreen field of view up to five meters, depending on the surrounding ambient light. The infinite focus of the device, which we witnessed at CES was indeed impressive, with a projected image thrown onto a near and far surface at the same time remaining in focus on both surfaces.

The brightness of the projected image did drop off pretty dramatically once the image gets much bigger than 20-inches or so, but at smaller sizes the picture is very bright with vibrant color - even in the bright light of the CES showroom floor. Weighing 122g and measuring 14mm x 60mm x 118mm, the SHOWWX features a rechargeable battery and supports any device with video out capabilities such as netbooks and digital cameras.

With the Microvision SHOWWX laser projector already in limited availability in Australia and New Zealand, and with Vodafone Spain reportedly bundling the product with some Nokia mobiles, a US release is slated for around March with an expected US$500 price tag.

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Nice, but some actual numbers would help! Eg: as in lumens , as in contrast range , as in battery-time, as in can it be powered by a wallplug too ...

Any explanation of this 'infinite focus' feature would also have been very very welcome!

23rd November, 2010 @ 06:46 am PST
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