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Microsoft's high-definition webcams feature TrueColor Technology


March 17, 2010

Three new LifeCam's from Microsoft, left the HD-5000, center the HD-5001 and right the HD-6000

Three new LifeCam's from Microsoft, left the HD-5000, center the HD-5001 and right the HD-6000

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With many online video resources now encouraging HD uploads, what vloggers and podcasters need in order to finally ditch the grainy low quality affairs that have plagued our online experience for far too long is a high definition webcam. Microsoft has responded to the call with three new 720p HD webcams which TrueColor Technology which, the company claims, automatically adjusts picture quality to give optimum brightness and color whatever light is available.

Microsoft says that its new TrueColor Technology "provides superior color and brightness in even the worst lighting conditions" by analyzing the surroundings and using face detection technology developed by Microsoft Research, then adjusting the image quality to offer the best possible video rendering. The company's Daniel Anguiano said: "Our engineers at Microsoft Hardware created TrueColor Technology to improve the video experience, combining software and firmware to help people look bright and natural in virtually any lighting situation."

Each of Microsoft's three LifeCam webcams incorporates the new technology, the HD-5000 "is the only webcam on the market to offer 720p HD widescreen video and Auto Focus for an estimated retail price under $50" and features a bendy base to offer users a choice of possible seating scenarios - from atop a monitor to a desk placing to all sorts of mobile opportunities. A special version of this model will be issued under the cleverly altered HD-5001 moniker by Best Buy, differing only in design (the latter having a custom white faceplate).

Designed specifically for use with notebooks, the LifeCam HD-6000 also offers 720p HD widescreen and Auto Focus but can also be turned completely around for full room panning or multiple angular shooting opportunities, should the mood grab you. The clip-grip is of course suitable for placement on monitors but a short cord geared towards portability may prevent you from doing so.

The LifeCam HD-5000 and HD-5001 will be available later in the month for an estimated retail price (ERP) of US$49.95 and the HD-6000 will follow in May for an ERP of US$59.95. Owners of a LifeCam Cinema can also download the TrueColor Technology software to enhance their web video recording experience.

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