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The Mercedes of (indoor) drive-through restaurants


August 23, 2012

The Mercedes Drive Thru is a combination of light, art, auto and food

The Mercedes Drive Thru is a combination of light, art, auto and food

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Thanks to its status as a brand that many aspire to own, the term Mercedes has earned a figurative connotation. When you say that you just ate the "Mercedes of meals," you undoubtedly feasted on a masterfully prepared example of haute cuisine, a meal that is to eating what a Mercedes S Class is to driving. When you say that you just ate at the "Mercedes of drive-thrus," well, it could now take on a more literal meaning.

In a sort of artsy publicity stunt, Mercedes has teamed up with "The Avant/Garde Diaries" digital magazine and Jason Bruges Studio, a multimedia collective, to create the "MERCEDES DRIVE-THRU." The temporary restaurant fixture promises to turn the "enjoyment of dining in a car into an exceptional sensory experience."

Based in the lobby of London's old Selfridge Hotel, the vibrant indoor drive-thru will invite drivers off the streets. They will roll up, place their order and wait for their food while being treated to a disco-like light show. Eventually, waiters on inline skates will bring the food out. To tie things into the Mercedes theme, the all-new A-Class will be on display.

More than just the average burger and fries, the menu should be every bit as "Mercedes" as the greater location. It is being curated by British food artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr.

The Mercedes Drive Thru will be more "limited time only" than the McRib sandwich, running from September 13 to September 16. It coincides with the September 15 market launch of the new A-Class.

Source: Daimler

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I've often heard the "Rolls Royce" name used in this context, but never Mercedes. I suspect they are going to have to work hard to get this concept universally accepted!

Mike Hallett

R R would sue somebody linking their brand to fast drive through...whereas M is a branding Wh,,, in the 'coming out' , it would seem. So: perhaps a Volvo Swedish Bikini TeamCar Wash is next?

Walt Stawicki
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