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Mercedes CLS gets sporty upgade with release of Grand Edition


June 19, 2009

The Mercedes-Benz CLS Grand Edition offers a sportier look

The Mercedes-Benz CLS Grand Edition offers a sportier look

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Merecedes-Benz is introducing a new variant in its CLS-Class four-door Coupé which features a slightly tweaked diesel engine and a host of cosmetic changes, including 18” AMG alloys and more stylish front grille louvres and headlamp housings. The CLS Grand Edition will be available in the UK from July, with a limited release of only 560 cars.

Designed to appeal to the boy racer with a spare GBP48,445, the CLS Grand Edition also offers, for the first time, the choice of Mercedes’ trademark Palladium Silver, along with four other color options.

A power upgrade of 48hp takes the 350 CDI V6 to 272hp and this, combined with a 50Nm increase in torque, gets the car from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds, an improvement of half a second. Despite the extra grunt, Mercedes says the fuel consumption (37.2 mpg) and CO2 emissions (215 g/km) remain uncompromised.

The Grand Edition also includes as standard many of Mercedes’ safety features, including the Cornering Light Function and Active Light System, which is designed to improve corner illumination by up to 90%.


This is the Mercedes CLS Grand Edition. It should really be the £2.5 grand edition, as that's how much more than the standard car it costs.


According to the press release fron TopSpeed.com- there are numerous attractive features for M-CLS Grand Edition. I think it means that MBTex material. Once again, another special edition from the automotive industry to make buyers feel special about themselves.

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