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The Megaphone horns in on iPhone amplification duties


December 4, 2011

The Megaphone comes in white, black, and gold and amplifies tunes from your iPhone or iPod touch

The Megaphone comes in white, black, and gold and amplifies tunes from your iPhone or iPod touch

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Have you been looking for a speaker system for your iPhone? How about a giant megaphone instead? Not unlike the Horn Stand Amplifier on steroids, the appropriately named "Megaphone," is a giant horn that will amplify the sound from your iPhone in a way that's bound to turn at least a few heads. Essentially just a giant megaphone, the horn's design amplifies the sound from your phone rather than a speaker system, with the actual volume control being taken care of on your handset rather than on the horn.

The non-powered horn is held up by a hand-carved natural wood stand, and is handmade out of ceramic. The docking area at the top of the horn is compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch. We also suspect you could use the megaphone with any other music player of a similar size to the iPhone with built-in speakers you can point into the horn. Due to the directional nature of megaphones, we're not sure how much use the unit would be for providing room-filling music at a party but it would probably keep those directly in front of it happy - and would definitely be a talking point.

The Megaphone is available now is black and white for 399.99 Euros (US$536), and in gold for 599.99 (US$804).

Here's some video of the Megaphone pumping up the jam with some old time tunes.

Megaphone from RACOON_STUDIO on Vimeo.


I would point it towards Cupertino with a message that my 3G is about to be replaced by a Droid. Seriously, a beautiful piece of work.

Todd Dunning

Well I see one kids parents can be proud that all those ceramics classes and a liberal arts degree paid off with a ceramic megaphone and wood stand made only for one device.

Spike Elex

A bit ironic really. The iPhone has incredible technology and is capable of delivering very high quality sound yet here is a device although beautiful, for the price of another iPhone takes the sound right back to the days of wind up gramophones. All it needs now is an app to simulate worn needle, groove sticking and jumping , crackle , noise and perhaps slowing down towards the track end and the retro will be complete. Isn\'t modern tech amazing!

Steve Lane

Perhaps an old hand-crank Victrola could be (reversibly!) altered to allow a tiny speaker to be placed at the small end of its horn...


At that price, I could take a ceramics class and a wood working class at a local college and make one of these for myself... with about 10 of my friends. Wasn\'t there a product for about a third of this price released this past year that was a tube style speaker carved out of wood, maybe bamboo?

Gene Jordan

And if you go deaf because you spent your youth blasting horribly compressed music from an iPhone directly into your ear canal, you can use this as an old-timey hearing device...just hold the narrow end up to your now deaf ear, point the big end towards the sound you want to hear and utter the words, \"eh? Wha-didya say sonny?\"


How beautiful!

Carlos Grados

That reminds me. I must give Meg a phone!

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