MeCam video camera is worn like a button or necklace


January 24, 2013

The MeCam is a hands-free video camera that can be worn by its user

The MeCam is a hands-free video camera that can be worn by its user

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People seem to be pretty content with using their smartphone video cameras to capture life’s zany moments, although constantly holding up one’s phone to follow the action can sometimes get a little tiring. That’s why the MeCam was invented. It’s a video camera that can be pinned to your shirt or worn on an included cord like a necklace, so you can shoot your clips without having to play Cameraman.

The disc-shaped MeCam weighs in at under two ounces (57 grams), and is less than two inches (51 mm) across. Its controls consist of three side-located buttons, which include one-touch video recording.

It shoots in 720p/30fps HD, and can store one hour of footage on its stock 4GB microSD card – four hours can be recorded on an optional 16GB card. Its built-in infrared lights allow for low-light videography, plus it can snap 5-megapixel stills. Its mic captures audio within a 10-foot (3-meter) diameter.

One charge of its lithium-ion battery should be good for about 80 minutes of run time. Footage can be dumped to a computer either by transferring the memory card, or via an integrated USB port.

It brings the Memoto and Autographer wearable “lifelogging” cameras to mind, although they’re designed to shoot a series of still images throughout the day.

The MeCam is available now in a variety of colors, with prices starting at US$49.99. Footage shot with it can be seen in the video below.

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Its too small I can barely see it.

Michael Mantion

I would have to say, with todays tech, why it cant be smaller and less obtrusive, its like wearing half a yo-yo on your shirt. They could stylize it make it sleeker, flatter, and not as garish. If they made it less..."dorky" it would be more popular idea I think..

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