Mazda begins commercial leasing of Premacy RE hybrid rotary hydrogen vehicle


March 29, 2009

Mazda's Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

Mazda's Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

March 30, 2009 A number of governmental departments around the world are looking to serve as a good example to their citizens by adopting petrol/electric hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius for government fleets. Now Mazda is providing an even greener option in Japan by commencing commercial leasing of their Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, a hydrogen hybrid vehicle that combines Mazda’s hydrogen rotary engine with an electric motor.

The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid improves on their RX-8 Hydrogen RE – the first model to be commercialized - with the hydrogen fuel range of the boosted to 200 kilometers, twice the range of the RX-8 Hydrogen RE, and the maximum output increased by approximately 40 percent to 110 kilowatts. Mazda’s latest eco-car features the company's proprietary dual-fuel system, which enables the car to run on gasoline if hydrogen is unavailable, (which is more than likely in most places), and also includes interior parts made from Mazda’s plant-derived Biotechmaterials.

Mazda is the world’s first automobile manufacturer to begin commercial leasing of a hydrogen hybrid vehicle with the cars receiving their registration numbers from the Hiroshima branch of the Chugoku District Transport Bureau on March 25. The first units will be delivered to local government authorities and energy-related companies during 2009.

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