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Mazda launches micro-mini tall Flairwagon in Japan


June 25, 2012

Mazda'snew Flairwagon provides plenty of headroom for up to four adults

Mazda'snew Flairwagon provides plenty of headroom for up to four adults

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Mazda has added a new micro-mini tall wagon to its lineup in Japan with the release of the Mazda Flairwagon. Designed to seat four adults with plenty of headroom, the Flairwagon features sliding rear doors on both sides and a low rear step to provide easy ingress and egress in the tightest of parking spaces.

Mazda is offering the Flairwagon in three different models, along with an additional special edition IS Limited model that comes equipped with an idling stop system. The LS, XS and IS models are powered by a 660 DOHC VVT engine, while the TS model gets a 660 DOHC Turbo powerplant. All feature a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with auxiliary gearbox and qualify as super ultra-low emission vehicles (SU-LEV) in Japan.

Fuel economy figures range from 17.2 km/L (40.45 US mpg) for the TS Flairwagon, up to 22.2 km/L (52.22 US mpg) for the IS model. While the IS model is front-wheel drive (FWD) only, a choice of FWD and full-time 4WD is offered in the other models.

The cabin of the Flairwagon measures 1,365 mm (53.74 in) high and 2,070 mm (81.49 in) long, with the luggage compartment just 535 mm (21.06 in) off the ground for easy loading and unloading. Mazda says the split-dive down rear seat can be folded almost flat to create enough room for a 27-inch bike. There’s also a passenger side under-seat box and an upper glove box that uses air from the air conditioner to function as a cold storage space.

Coming in Aqua Veil Blue Pearl Metallic, Bloom Pink Metallic, Silky Silver Metallic, Pearl White and Bluish Black Pearl, the Flairwagon ranges in price from 1,212,750 yen (approx. US$15,250) for the LS model, up to 1,499,400 yen (approx. US$18,855) for the TS model.

Source: Mazda

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Kei cars would make alot of sense in the US as city cars, but I don't think they'd be accepted by the "bigger is better" populace, pity

Tom Sobieski

We will never see these here due to the hideous incompetancy of the regulatory agencies, may they all rot in HELL! Whats not to like, tiny 4x4's getting great mpg and low emissions on tiny inexpensive tires--not throwing away enough resources for the american agencies I guess. I whould have one or two of these in my driveway in a heartbeat. I put 65,000 kilometers on a Honda Kei truck, and although it was a tight fit for my 6'2" 275 frame, it was a real sporty kick to drive! I'd trade my 2008 Jeep wrangler for one of these on the spot!

PickleMan Pickles

I agree! Many people in the US simply don't need a big car, particularly in an urban environment. Unfortunately we are forced into into it since Kei sized cars are not permitted. Sad waste of resources.


I think if these high mileage vehicles were offered to the American people they would buy them, hell, I'd buy one myself.

Billy Brooks

Have owned several Kei sized vehicles and enjoyed them all. For the Americans here there "is" the Smart and Scion IQ. They are both minimalist but tend to be more expensive than the Kei cars. I am presently running the IQ and its fantastic. But the Kei sized range covers more that just cars and the mini vans tend to make the best use on space where you can seat six in no more than ten feet! These can even be made as campers sleeping two no problem or a forward control P/U with six foot bed. Being very efficient its true less is more.


Looks like the old Suzuki Wagon R which was a brilliant car. If it is half as good it will sell like hot cakes. Hope it comes to Australia!!!!


@Kupsha...The Wagon R although very nice was not in the Kei class as it was wider than allowed. Also in this class were the Honda Beat,Suzuki cappuccino,Daihatsu Copen which were miniature open sports cars that performed beyond expectations.


This car is Suzuki ”Palette” OEM. http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/palette/

Takuya Yoshida
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