LG announces mass production of flexible OLED phone displays


October 7, 2013

LG today announced that it is to start mass producing flexible OLED display panels for smartphones. The company says that its technology uses plastic substrates rather than glass, and claims that a protective film on the back of the display makes it "unbreakable" as well as bendable.

LG claims that this display technology is both thinner (at 0.44 mm) and lighter than the competition, with a 6-in display weighing 7.2 g (0.25 oz). LG describes the display as "vertically concave" with a curve that, if extended, would describe a circle with a radius of 70 cm (28 in).

Specific products are yet to be announced, but LG says that it expects the market to grow quickly, and expand into tablets, wearable devices and automotive displays. It hopes that this latest move move will give it a head start in the market.

The announcement follows LG's unveiling of a 55-in curved OLED television earlier in the year.

Source: LG

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So what does a comparable LCD display weigh? (Why am I having to ask this question? Come on Gizmag! - or did you go to the same school of journalism as everyone at Channel4 (UK) news?)

Martin Winlow
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