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Makayama Movie Mount turns the iPad into a video camera


July 27, 2012

The Makayama Movie Mount is designed to augment the iPad's video-shooting capabilities

The Makayama Movie Mount is designed to augment the iPad's video-shooting capabilities

One of the neat things about the iPad is that not only can it shoot high-definition video, but it can also be used to edit and then upload that footage. The tablet computer doesn’t exactly lend itself to use as a video camera, though, which is why Makayama has come out with the Movie Mount.

The device is basically a fancy cover, that an iPad clips into. It features two hotshoes, which can accommodate a user-supplied boom microphone, camera light, optical viewfinder, or whatever else they want to stick on there. A screw mount on the bottom allows it to be attached to a tripod.

It also features a 37 mm lens fitting, allowing users to add their own wide-angle or telephoto lens. Should the user want to alternate between the add-on lens and the iPad’s stock lens, the fitting easily slides out of the way.

When not being used for shooting, the Movie Mount allows the iPad to stand on its own for use as a monitor, or to sit up at a 9-degree working angle while being used for editing.

The company also offers a free app, that gives iPad users manual control of their tablet’s video recording functions.

Movie Mount is available in versions for iPads 2 and 3, and is priced at US$69.95.

More information is available in the video below.

Source: Makayama via 7 Gadgets

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Is this ever going to come out for the Mini?

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