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Magnetyze smartphone charger swaps cords for magnets


January 10, 2013

The Magnetyze smartphone-charging system connects the phone to the charger using nothing but magnets

The Magnetyze smartphone-charging system connects the phone to the charger using nothing but magnets

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Phone chargers may not be way up there on peoples’ lists of troublesome devices, but if the things can be made simpler ... hey, why not? BuQu Tech’s new Magnetyze system attempts to do just that, with a magnetic case/charger combo. Users just place their Magentyze case-clad smartphone near the slab-like desktop charging platform, and it will be magnetically sucked into place and charged up – no cords need to be plugged in.

The placement of the magnets, both on the case and the charger, will hold the phone in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. The phone can still be used while charging, and should be fully charged within two to three hours – the charger is powered by the user’s computer’s USB port, or an AC wall outlet. If hooked up to a computer, data syncing is also possible.

Once charging is complete, the phone can simply be pulled off the charger.

One version of the Magnetyze system is available for the iPhone 4/4S at US$69.99, while a model tailored to the iPhone 5’s form factor and new Lightning connector was introduced at CES just this week – pricing has yet to be announced. A bundle for the Samsung Galaxy S III should be available later this month, at $59.99 for a charge-only system and $69.99 for a charge/sync system. Versions for other Android phones are reportedly in the works. Also on the way is a system that includes an iPhone 4/4S case with a built-in extra 1800mAh battery, for $89.99.

Whatever version of the system is purchased, its charger will reportedly work with any of the Magnetyze cases, both iOS and Android.

Source: Magnetyze

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