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Magic Wand portable scanner PDS-ST410-VP from VuPoint Solutions


February 8, 2010

The portable VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand A4 color scanner

The portable VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand A4 color scanner

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Taking around four seconds to scan an A4-size document in B&W;, this portable wand-type scanner from VuPoint Solutions is designed for copying images from books or documents with thick or fragile spines that don’t allow them to be folded back for placement on a flatbed scanner. It's also useful for scanning pages that are located a long way from your office.

Depending on the size of your microSD memory card (sold separately - up to 32GB) and your desired resolution, the device can store hundreds of images onboard and scans at resolutions up to 600x600dpi. The default setting is 300x300dpi.

Weighing 5oz more than the Planon DocuPen RC800 (but around US$200 cheaper), the VuPoint PDS-ST410-VP has an A4 color contact image sensor and can capture a full-color A4 page in around 28 seconds for high resolution, much quicker with a lower res setting. It just shows how much these type of devices have evolved in the past few months.

The scanner has an automatic white balance, utilizes USB 2.0 and is compatible with PC or Mac (drivers available free for PC, not needed with the Mac).

Scanning speeds: 28 seconds high-res color, 14 secs high-res B&W;, 8 secs low res color, and 4 secs low res B&W.;

Accessories including a USB cable, 2 x AA alkaline batteries, OCR software CD, pouch and cleaning cloth.

The Magic Wand is available for around US$99.

VuPoint Solutions via Ubergizmo.


something like this, an e-reader for PDFs and an SD card would be everything needed to digitize my entire library. a high quality highly portable and highly affordable scanner with an e-reader... revolutionary.


How about just taking a digital photo of each page?


To windykites1: A digital photo is fine, but not all OCR software can recognize text. It will take a picture and save as an image file. The latest versions of OCR software, OmniPage, WILL take an image from a digital camera and recognize the text. It then can create a text document.

For someone wanting to have search capabilities instead of having to go back to look at each image, this is a boon.

Personally, I\'d look at it for genealogy research. There are books that may be too delicate for contact with a scanner, but those may be able to have their images saved to a digital camera. Those less delicate should be able to use the scanner. With the micro SD cards of this size many pages or images can be saved before transferring to a computer.

James Botelle

Hi there! I noticed your blog entry and was curious to see if you have heard about the http://flip-pal.com/ mobile scanner that is getting the genealogy community excited because you can take the lid off flip it over and scan through glass, plastic... anything to keep the old photos safe. You can also scan large images and then stitch them together with the software on the SD card. Thanks, Shantel

Shantel Hansen
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