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Magic Phone Stand suspends your device in mid-air


May 26, 2014

The Magic Phone Stand seems to make your smartphone appear as if it's floating in mid-air

The Magic Phone Stand seems to make your smartphone appear as if it's floating in mid-air

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There are many smartphone stands on the market already, so getting our attention is pretty tough. The Magic Phone Stand has done just that, though, with a mount that makes your device appear as if it's floating in mid-air.

At first glance, a smartphone supported by this magic stand may have you hunting around for hidden wires, rabbits and top hats. The illusion, however, is pretty easily created. The seemingly limp cable actually forms a rigid coil, supporting your phone via its micro-USB, Lighning or 30-pin charging port.

The team behind the Magic Phone Stand says that the sturdy cable on the current prototype, which ends in a more pliable bit at its full-size USB connector tail, has successfully kept a Samsung Galaxy S4 aloft, but advises additional support for something as heavy as a Note 3. The developers are looking at strengthening the stand prior to production, however.

The Magic Phone Stand is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, and with all the early bird pledge levels gone, backers will need to stump up at least US$24 for iOS or Android versions. If all goes as expected, shipping is estimated to begin on September.

Though its certain to be a conversation starter, whether the Magic Phone Stand will provide a stable and practical mount for your device is debatable. But if you simply must shroud your phone in mystery, the sturdier looking Fuse Chicken Une Bobine cable stand can also weave a little magic.

You can check out all the Magic Phone Stand wizardy in the pitch video below.

Sources: Martinka, Kickstarter

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This is a horrible idea. That port is NOT meant to support the phones weight...


This a great idea for persons who don't have wimpy cell phone ports. Also, remember, this wire can also wrap around the sides of your phone to support it horizontally or vertically.

Paul Donelson
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