Strap-on macro lens works with any smartphone camera


December 12, 2011

The Macro Cell Lens Band captures detailed macro images

The Macro Cell Lens Band captures detailed macro images

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The cameras on most smart phones tend to be rather simple affairs so it's not surprising that savvy inventors have dreamed up numerous add-on attachments such as mini-microscopes and wide/telephoto adapters. They do tend to be rather elaborate and brand-specific, however, not to mention somewhat pricey. Not this one though - the Macro Cell Lens Band is a simple close-up photography solution that has two definite pluses - it works on any camera equipped phone and it's very inexpensive.

The Lens Band is decidedly low-tech, just a thick rubber band with a thin plastic lens smack in the middle of it, but judging by the sample shots, it produces surprisingly good quality images.

Installation is quick and simple, take the band out of your wallet or off your wrist, wrap it around the phone with the lens positioned correctly and you're away.

PhotoJojo sells the Macro Cell Lens Band for US$15.

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Very Innovative.

Anumakonda Jagadeesh

Finally something I can actually use with my Nokia phone.

So many of these things are only for the iPhone which is not surprising because it is such an inferior product. I guess it needs all the help it can get from the accessories.


I\'ve jerryrigged similar devices for my smart phone years ago but they were not very friendly to use. I applaud this device for both it\'s simplicity and reasonable price point!

Will, the tink

This is awesome. It\'s like the invention of the wheel, so simple yet so practical. The designer should get some design award. In the next iteration, there should be a small ring near it to allow the flash. Because of the simple design, custom ones can easily be made for the latest models. Great work.

Dawar Saify
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