Pricing and production numbers for E Type-inspired Lyonheart K announced


March 22, 2013

The Lyonheart K Coupé (pictured) and Convertible are restricted to a production run of 250 units

The Lyonheart K Coupé (pictured) and Convertible are restricted to a production run of 250 units

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Last year, we covered Lyonheart’s take on the classic Jaguar E Type, the Lyonheart K. Not much has been heard of it since then, but thirteen months later, the Coventry-based car maker has resurfaced with an announcement of the Lyonheart K Coupé, including Convertible prices and production numbers.

Strictly limited to a run of 250 cars be built between December 2013 and the Northern Hemisphere 2015 summer, the Lyonheart K Coupé and Convertible are now available for order with a list price of €360,000 (about US$481,000) for the Coupé, and €375,000 (about US$501,000) for the Convertible. This includes free delivery in Europe, but not VAT and local taxes. Pricing for other regions is available on request.

The luxury sports car with an all aluminum multilink chassis is intended as a modern interpretation of the E Class of the 1960s. It was created without Jaguar’s participation by Robert Palm, founder of Swiss design firm Classic Factory as a derivation of its Growler concept and was engineered and is being built by the Envisage Group in Coventry, UK.

The specs on the Lyonheart K have been tweaked a bit since its 2012 debut. Instead of 550 bhp, it’s 5.0-liter supercharged V8 now pushes 567 bhp (423 kW,575 PS) with 516 ft-lb (700 Nm) of torque. Acceleration is still 0 to 100km/h (62 mph) in under four seconds with the top speed electronically limited to 186 mph (300 km/h).

Delivery time for the Lyonheart K is estimated at between 18 to 24 months depending on specifications and body type. Fifty percent of the cars will be sold in Europe, 20 percent in the Middle East and 30 percent in China.

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First it's hard to believe that Jaguar hasnt done this themselves, are they asleep ? Secondly considering all the AC Cobra kit cars some of which are very high quality (Factory 5) why hasnt anyone done a kit car vershion it would sell like hotcakes.

John Findlay

a cuda fastback

Flipider Comm

The coupe has got to be the next Bond car.


The engine is built by Cosworth, so it should be a very good engine.Not everyone will be happy about it having an auto gearbox, but that does not seem to effect its performance in any way. The fuel consumption figures aren't to bad for a high performance car - 11.9l/100km - combined fuel economy figure on the Euro cycle.

For that outrageous price, buyers might also consider buying a restored original E type or an Eagle Speedster which Jeremy Clarkson rated very highly.


A restored E type with out Lucas electrics would be a viable alternative. Great car in it's day, still an awesome looking design, rarely matched.

Ivan Schiller
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